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Professional coaching for people who want change and success

Get the most out of life, work and sport with professional coaching

What do you want and what is stopping you already achieving it? When you work with me you will know the answer to these questions more clearly and make positive changes towards creating the present and future you desire.

What are you looking for?

Life Coaching
Mental Toughness (for life, career and sport)
Free leadership assessment



Stop just wishing things were different
Build your mental toughness, confidence and resilience to perform at your best and enjoy work and play
Be the person you want to be
Live the life you always wanted
Take control, be confident, find focus, clarity and commitment
Choose to be more fulfilled in your career, in your life and in your sport
Invest in you, find out what's right for you and MAKE IT HAPPEN


How high have you set your sights? World class sports stars partner with a coach to develop the confidence, attitude and state of mind to be the best they can be when it counts. Now you too can have a coach to achieve your best, particularly when you are under pressure, because you are worth it. I specialise in developing mental toughness, once a 'secret ingredient' for sports stars' success and now making the difference to people in all walks of life, from the school room to the board room.

All of us only have one shot at life, what are you doing to make your life the way you want it to be?



"You are not a victim of the world; you lead it.
You are not imagining the future; you are causing it." Chris McGoff



The exceptional value of coaching with Sue includes three essential ingredients:

Sue's expertise and skill level,
Sue's presence and commitment to you,
and YOUR commitment to yourself and our coaching partnership.




Working with me as your coach, partner and champion is a privilege you deserve if you truly want to change from your current 'status quo'. I will help you turn your dreams and aspirations into reality. I will be your champion who believes in you, supports your ideas, remembers what you can do when you forget, challenges your beliefs to check they are positive for you and holds you accountable to your plans. I am non-judgemental and committed to your success.

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'It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.' Edmund Hillary




Discover the power within
purpose and passion
self belief and self esteem
life balance
happiness / positive outlook
mental toughness
emotional intelligence
maintain priorities: attend to the things that matter most
minimise and manage stress



"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." Henry Ford



Making time for reflection helps you improve your overall performance and success

Take time to find out what's right for you and MAKE IT HAPPEN
Coaching gives you time for reflection in a supportive environment,
to take a step out and get a clear focus and overview
so you achieve what you want more successfully.


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"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.
You may have to work for it, however.
" Richard Bach





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Dr Sue Mitchell is a member of the Association for Coaching UK, the professional body for coaches in UK.







Sue's coaching qualifications include Diploma in Corporate and Executive Coaching, Certificate in Performance Coaching and NLP practitioner.




Registered with Life Coach Directory




Put the sparkle back in your life.







work-life balance: make time for the important things in your life - family

Life-Work balance. Make time for the important things in YOUR life, and get the right balance for family, friends, hobbies, fun, fitness, time to relax or refresh and work.







Change your perspective and gain new insights!








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