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Who is in charge of your Career?
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This  programme helps you know what you want from your career and start to take control of your destiny. 

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Take Control of Your Career First 2 stages (11 Modules).
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Gain the benefits of coaching with a much more affordable price tag! While the programme outline is set, it includes most of the wide range of the tools and thought processes that we include in bespoke 1:1 coaching programmes, for a fraction of the cost.




Be the person you want to be
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Who is in charge of your career? Take control of your destiny and achieve the life you really want.


This self-coaching online programme helps you start to take control of your career so that you give yourself the best opportunity in life to be fulfilled, enjoy your work and live in a way that matches what is important to you. Why is this important? It makes you feel happier and gives you the energy and buzz to be your best self, be more confident, have more positive relationships with family and friends and have a great life outside of work too.



Why is it important to think about a career
not just finding a job?

A true career position is defined by three essential characteristics: Job Satisfaction, Growth and Proper Environment.


Job Satisfaction.

This means sufficient challenges (breadth and depth) in the duties and responsibilities of your work to demand the utilisation of the majority of your key talents and abilities. Job satisfaction also comes when you feel fulfilled and are working to your strengths, and your company and work demands do not clash with your personal values.


Why is it important for you to enjoy what you do for a living? This happiness will bear a direct relationship to your feelings about being more successful, and in turn, will have a decidedly positive effect on your home and family life.


So why is job satisfaction vital to your success? If you report to work each day with enthusiasm, you can work 40 hours and be 120 percent productive; whereas, a person performing work solely for the pay cheque can put in 70 hours and still produce only at the 70 percent level.


Only a position with the proper job satisfaction will bring you the level of productivity and accomplishment that leads to the fullest rewards with recognition, promotion, income and any other personal goals necessary for your fulfilment.



Two kinds of growth you need to be concerned with are:

  • continual progress towards achieving your optimal level of executive or professional skill and potential and
  • increased authority and responsibility in sufficient variety and scope to retard both repetitiveness and boredom.


Proper Environment.

This characteristic relies on three requirements, each of which has a direct reflection on your work.

  • First, you and your family must be happy where you live.
  • Second, you must be in an employment setting and culture that is positive and suits your personal needs and values, particularly around office politics, interpersonal relationships, and organisational philosophy.
  • Third, you have the material things that are important to you and your family.



So what does this all mean?

Even if you were to increase your income by 50 percent but you had no job satisfaction, no potential for professional growth, or you were in an unsuitable environment, you would have just a job - not a fulfilling career position!



So how do you find the right career for you?

Well, it’s not about searching the job adverts for “something that sounds interesting or possible or just available”!

First you need to recognise what you are great at and what brings you energy, and then go searching for opportunities that match your ideal career. When you know what you are looking for, and share that with people around you, you are much more likely to notice the opportunities when they arise. When you are already prepared, you can take control and respond to those opportunities. Are you ready to start preparing?


The full coaching programme guides you through stages that help you draw on all the knowledge you hold at an intuitive level to bring it up into your fully conscious rational brain, so you can choose how you progress your career (or change direction completely) in a way that balances your values, strengths, knowledge and experience to bring you fulfilment. The online programme covers the first two stages, each of which contain a number of modules. After that you can continue if you choose with 1:1 coaching so you get exactly what you need as a unique individual out of the programme, following the framework below. I will also bring in other tools which are relevant for your specific requirements as and when they occur.


1. (online) We assess where you are now, and what ideal might look like, at this starting point.

2. (online) We review your career highs and lows, and explore what you enjoy and don’t enjoy in your work, over your whole working life. Based on this and the previous module, you start to consider your career aspirations.

3. Now is the time to really start getting to know yourself. These modules give you a fantastic structure that makes it so much easier to think about what is important to you, as most people are not familiar with reflecting in this way and can find it difficult.

3.1 Your values – what is important to you. All your values are important, but we really need to delve deeper and find your top 4 -10 most important values, and how you know when they are fulfilled in your life. We explore how your values fit into core motivations and how you fulfil these in your life.

3.2 Your strengths – these are the things that come so naturally to you, you probably don’t even recognise them as strengths or value them – most people assume “anyone could do that, it’s so easy”. When your career makes the most of your strengths, your life is filled with much more energy as your work flows more easily and you are usually enjoying yourself more.

3.3 Your personality type – understanding how you see and interact with the world, and how that is similar or different to others, can help in a wide range of situations, particularly in how your relationships with people at work. Our personality profiling tool if you choose to use it can also give some suggested fields of work that suit people with strengths in different personality types or scales.

3.4 What activities do you find stressful and why? These will be situations your ideal career will either not have at all or not often. Alternatively, if you feel that the career you want to have must include these situations, then you can choose to work on how you respond to the situations in a way that makes them less stressful and how you can become more confident in those situations.

3.5. Evaluate your work skills, capabilities and transferable skills and identify the ones you most want to be using in your career.

3.6 Pulling together all of section 3 to highlight some core threads you want to bring into your career and draw insights from aligning your values, motivation, strengths, capabilities and skills.


4. Now we create your vision for your ideal life, drawing on the foundations you’ve created so far.


5. We generate ideas and options for directions you might want to focus on in your career. In light of your vision, we also review and make any changes to your career aspirations from module 2. We review the sections from earlier modules.


6. We explore issues around making choices and have a range of useful decision making tools to create positive goals and action plans to ensure you manage your career in constructive and manageable stages.


7. Find your voice. Be yourself and take action on things that are important for you. Be in control of your career. Make your life the way you want it to be.


Take Control of Your Career First 2 stages (11 Modules).
Online Coaching 30

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The exceptional value of coaching with Sue includes three essential ingredients

Sue's expertise and skill level,
Sue's presence and commitment to you,
and YOUR commitment to yourself and our coaching partnership.




"Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you are right." Henry Ford



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"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.
You may have to work for it, however.
" Richard Bach


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