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Raise your 'mental game' In life, In Work and In Sport:                                                       Sport Workshop

  • STOP feeling overwhelmed or daunted by difficulties or challenges.
  • STOP feeling that other people make you nervous or lose confidence.
  • STOP losing concentration and being distracted.
  • STOP thinking you aren't good enough or you can't...


In sport, top athletes have long recognised that Mental Toughness is the secret ingredient that makes the difference between winning and losing. It is now recognised as fundamental to success in all walks of life.

Mental Toughness determines how you respond to stresses, challenges and pressures, irrespective of the prevailing situation. It is a personality trait which can be learned. Mental Toughness is partly about reslience, or bounce-back-ability, which is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It is also more than resilience, including confidence, determination, or grit, and a sense that we can control or make a difference to outcomes, whatever the external circumstances. Mental Toughness is all about how we percieve the stressors, challenges and pressures we experience in our life, work and sport, and whether we can respond positively and see the opportunities rather than threats. Mental Toughness is the secret ingredient that makes the difference between one person succeeding and another person struggling in the same situation, in all walks of life and work, as well as in sport.

Mental Toughness is not about being macho, domineering or aggressive.

Mental Toughness IS about being:

  • The best you can be
  • Comfortable in your own skin
  • Accepting that life can be difficult but that it is full of opportunities as well as threats

Mental Toughness is made up of different components, which makes it very difficult to know how to develop it, even though you can recognise it in people who do have it. Which is why it has been considered "the secret ingredient".

Now you can use the MTQ48 Mental Toughness Questionnaire to measure your level of Mental Toughness and measure four vital categories: Commitment, Challenge, Control and Confidence. Now you can know which one area to focus on first to have greatest effect to raise your mental toughness overall and raise your performance overall - in all areas of life.

People with higher mental toughness:

  • Do better in exams.
  • Do better at work and are more likely to be promoted: managers and leaders have higher levels of mental toughness than the overall population
  • Do better in sports, whether they are individual sports like golf or team games like rugby.
  • Feel confident in themselves and their abilities.
  • Feel confident with other poeple
  • Feel in control of their life and that what they do can make a difference to outcomes in their life.
  • Are better able to do what it takes to get things done.
  • Stay calm, focused and in control when under pressure.
  • Find an extra level of performance in a 'must win' situation.
  • Thrive on dealing with tough situations. They not only cope with but also enjoy the pressures and challenges such as competition, deadlines, and the time, commitment and dedication required for doing it including all the continual preparation, training and learning. This applies in all areas of life, such as in education, in work, running your own business, working in emergency services, or for your sport.


Your personal Mental Toughness MTQ48 profile

  • Includes the online questionnaire, your personal development report and 1:1 feedback and coaching.


Mental Toughness at work

  • Include your personal MTQ48 profile with 1:1 Executive or Leadership coaching.
  • Book a training programme for your team, senior management or board, including a workshop and individual MTQ48 profiles.
  • A workshop will be designed around your requirements and will include
    • Understanding Mental Toughness and how it is significant in the workplace
    • Recognising the positives and downsides to high levels on each of the Mental Toughness scales
    • Recognising your own and other people's levels of mental toughness, for improving how you manage and lead people
    • How to raise enagement, motivation, aspirations and performance through developing mental toughness
    • Tools and activities


Mental Toughness for Sport Workshop - for clubs and teams

  • Understand the challenges you face for your sport, individually and as a team, in competition and in training.
  • Learn how to thrive under pressure.
  • What is mental toughnessa nd what it means for you - as individuals and as a team.
  • Assessing your own mental toughness - includes MTQ48 questionnaires and personal development reports for all participants.
  • Raising your mental game: developing mental toughness as an individual and as a team.


High performing team strategies - for sport clubs and teams

  • There's more to creating a high performing team than just playing the game and knowing the rules and game playing strategies.
  • Apply proven team strategies for improving communication, motivation, choosing your team and roles, dealing with 'failure' and success, and more.



Stop just wishing things were different
Build your mental toughness, confidence and resilience to perform at your best and enjoy work and play
Be the person you want to be
Live the life you always wanted
Take control, be confident, find focus, clarity and commitment
Choose to be more fulfilled in your career, in your life and in your sport
Invest in you, find out what's right for you and MAKE IT HAPPEN


Why not start now to develop the confidence, attitude and state of mind to be the best you can be when it counts?

All of us only have one shot at life, what are you doing to make your life the way you want it to be?



The exceptional value of coaching with Sue includes three essential ingredients:
Sue's expertise and skill level,
Sue's presence and commitment to you,
and YOUR commitment to yourself and our coaching partnership.

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"You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.
You may have to work for it, however.
" Richard Bach





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